About Us and Our Mission

Our name, Be Unrooted, represents everything we are trying to do. We want to motivate people to look at things differently, including their past, their future, and themselves. We want people to live positive, uplifting, fun, loving, compassionate, motivational lives regardless of their upbringing or past. Everyone deserves to live a life worth telling...and to do so, sometimes you must be unrooted from what was, is or will be.

Leave your roots, but never forget them. They are what made you who you are, but they do not have to be all that you are.

Our mission is to inspire people to step outside their box and become "unrooted" from society, the norm, or their own ideas, but also to never forget the place they came from. We try to show this mind frame through our designs and we encourage you to keep us accountable to our mission.

Please feel free to give us feedback on anything you deem necessary! We want to be the best version of Be Unrooted we can.

Thank you for reading!

Be Unrooted